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Pauli The PSM features on Peak Futures’ cosmic ‘Orion (Reprise)’

Pauli The PSM is on fire right now releasing dope tracks like ‘I Got The Beat’ and ‘Don’t Leave Me’, so we his name appeared in our inbox, we had to check it out. Below you’ll hear Pauli featuring on a track from London band Peak Futures called ‘Orion (Reprise)’ from their album Colours of the Sun. The track closes out Peak Futures album and it’s got real encore vibes thanks to the wild energy of those rock guitars, epic guest verse from Pauli and a searing frontman vocal. It’s not a straight up rock meets hip-hop moment, there’s also plenty of jazz, blues, soul and psychedelia running through the veins of this track giving it a really edgey feel. Now back to Pauli The PSM whose spoken-word verse almost has a sung-spoken lullaby sound as he repeats “I see the night sky”, calling to the space theme of this track, which Peak Futures describes as “the space-earth-space cycle is  there to echo the idea that ultimately we all come from, are  created out of, the stars, and in the end we all return to them.”

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