Lucy & La Mer “Ooh La La” Is Confident Pop Banger

Singer, songwriter, and activist Lucy & La Mer creates shimmer alt pop with encouraging themes. Her latest single “Ooh La La” was born out of the pandemic and is all about finding our inner strength to be “exactly who we are meant to me”. The up-lifting pop tune reminds the listener to carpe diem, and drips with hope, happiness and sincerity. Featuring delicious bass riffs, bright electronic infused soundscapes and warm layered vocals, “Ooh La La” is the ultimate summer party jam.

Lucy & La Mer was created by Lucy LaForge, a remarkable musical force and mental health advocate. Lucy is also well known for her work with the LGBTQ+ community. “Ooh La La” follows the long distance themed love song “Rollercoaster”.

Take a watch and listen to “Ooh La La” now and remember to accept and love who and all that you are!

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