Introducing SaintAhmad and his spirited new single “It’s Just Me”

Kicking off 2021 with confidence, charisma, and style, Brooklyn-based artist SaintAhmad just released a vibey new single with accompanying visuals for “It’s Just Me.”

While promoting the importance of staying true to yourself, SaintAhmad has unique flair and style that sets him apart from other artists in his genre. His songwriting is genuine, earnest and often stems from a place of lived experiences, thus enabling him to resonate with his fanbase on a deeper and authentic level.

“It’s Just Me” sends out an empowering message of openness, confidence, and of living in the moment with the person you are with. The song features jazz and funk artist Aidan Paul and oozes with determination, an infectious beat, and luscious R&B soundscapes that are a mixture of 90s influences and experimental grooves. “I really wanted to highlight myself with this record, feel good being myself, and just enjoy life. It’s a feel-good record that is about young love, being free, and enjoying your time together with that person. This record is meant to show the confidence in myself to ‘Just Be Me’ and nothing else.” 

The visuals for “It’s Just Me” follow collaborators SaintAhmad and Aidan Paul as they enjoy the bliss and freedom as they just let go and have a good time.

SaintAhmad is a Brooklyn-based rapper, singer, dancer, and songwriter who creates music heavily influenced by generation and his experiences on being an “out and proud” black man as well as a hopeless romantic.

Check out “It’s Just Me” here and let the good vibes roll:

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