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Music: Fac Marlo – “Butterflies”

Fac Marlo has released his new and captivating single, “Butterflies” with an enchanting storyline. “The idea of Butterflies is like a tale of 2 individuals, one is a rapper and one is a fan. They make eye contact and end up seeing a future together cuz she’s convinced he’s something special”, the artist described. 

He is now preparing to release the official music video for the hot track with a strong strategy in mind that is sure to place him in the forefront on YouTube. Fac mentioned, “I got tired of getting no responses or reactions on YouTube so I designed a unique path through ad revenue and Facebook that helped bring me fans all over the country.” 

With his talent and business oriented mindset, the music video for “Butterflies” will undoubtedly be a success. Recently receiving distribution with Equity Distro which is housed by Roc Nation, Fac Marlo is hard at work in the studio prepping for the release of his debut album. 

The video will be available when the time is right according to Fac. While working on set with the director, Pablo, the two were able to mix their ideas together to develop a beautifully polished piece of work. “It was a pleasure working with my guy, Fac Marlo! He’s super talented and, even more important, he’s consistent and dedicated to his craft. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!”, Pablo stated. 

The entire team has all positive things to say about the up and coming artist. Be sure to follow Fac Marlo on social media and stream his new single, “Butterflies” as you await the music video release!

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