BabyTron Hosts Peezy, Allstar JR + More On ‘Luka Troncic’ Album

BabyTron is balling, no NBA, on his 24-track Luka Troncic album, following his recent collaborative Dookie Brothers 2 mixtape

The album features street anthems such as Tron’s fan-favorite “Jugg Messiah 3” and Peezy-featuring Drill banger “Blitz” throughout Luka Troncic.

“If you ain’t looking for the check, man, you ain’t thinking right/Every move you take be an L, you must be the knight/Why you put that chain on if you ain’t even freeze the ice?/If you don’t treat me like a king, bitch, I’ma leave tonight,” BabyTron raps on “Jugg Messiah 3”.

Luka Troncic is also home to guest verses from Allstar JR, Since99 and the entire ShittyBoyz crew, along with production from Detroit legend Helluva and numerous others.

Stream BabyTron’s Luca Troncic album below.

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