ENTITY’S “Play Me (Don’t)” is daring, dark and dance floor ready

Electro pop artist ENTITY just released her new single and video for “Play Me (Don’t)” and the track is pure fire! “Play Me (Don’t)” is the first single from her forthcoming EP Visions in Black, which was created after the artist experienced a period of extreme loss and turmoil in her life.

“Play Me (Don’t)” is an artful blend of pop, electro and EDM sounds which cumulate into an edgy, passion-filled dance track. ENTITY confides, “Play Me (Don’t)” is a chapter in the story of how two ex-lovers reunite after being separated for many years, and their unsuccessful attempt to reconvene after growing apart. It screams, “Don’t do this again to me! Don’t lead me on and think we are going to fall back in love and spend the rest of our lives together!” The accompanying video for “Play Me (Don’t)”  features masked dancers, luminescent colors with sinister undertones, and plenty of raw emotion.

NYC and Los Angeles based ENTITY is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ who is known for her ability to craft EDM favored pop songs in her own signature style.

Check out “Play Me (Don’t)” here and say “bye” to all the losers out there.

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