Charli’s new single “Boys” celebrates summer passion

What is summer without some romantic heat? With the warmer weather on the rise, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some carefree fun in the sun and let your wild romantic side run free, and LA based pop artist Charli knows how to make that heat sizzle.

In Charli’s latest dance banger “Boys” the artist spills her undying affections for men over a thumping dance beat, spicy lyrics, and sultry whispering vocals.
The song is “an ode to every man because they are truly beautiful and we often forget to tell them that we love them. Most of the time, we are saying this to women and I think it’s important to not forget the men too!” confides Charli. The track relies on dance floor ready production combined with flirtatious lyrics resulting in a memorable track that has the potential to become a post-lockdown summer favorite. Bubbly, upbeat, and youthful, this is the perfect track to add to your going out playlists.

Los Angeles based French electro pop artist Charli is best known for her creative electronic production mixed with contemporary pop sounds. As a singer/songwriter, producer, and actress, the emerging artist has been garnering admiration from fans and media alike, and her recent short film, The Time Left has received several awards and nominations such as Best Actress and Best Musical film in Silk Road Festival in Cannes and Best Original song at Indie Short Festival Los Angeles.

Check out Charli’s contagious dance pop beat “Boys” here:

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