Maddie Glass Releases Out Of This World New Single “Space Boyfriend”

New York based Maddie Glass is a fierce artist on the rise. The singer and songwriter creates punchy pop music that tip toes between commercial pop and alt punk rock. Her latest single is entitled “Space Boyfriend” and is a catchy summer anthem all about that search for love. Maddie Glass is highly relatable in having troubles with finding an earthly being who gets her. In a tongue and cheek narrative, Maddie Glass contemplates what it would be like to find a boyfriend in Venus or Mars.

The songwriter has only unveiled two songs to date but is already making waves in the industry. Her spunky pop and candid lyrics resonate with listeners all around the globe. “Space Boyfriend” in particular highlights the singer’s confident vocals over grungy guitars and driving basslines.

Take a listen to “Space Boyfriend” now and remember Mars isn’t that far away!

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