Micky James Releases New Single/Visuals “Shiver”

Glam rocker extraordinaire Micky James has just unleashed another killer rock tune. Called “Shiver” the song is all about the facades we put on to show a happy face when deep down we are in pain. The bright visuals with neon colors only amplify this message with Micky James singing lyrics about a cold and distant lover. Featuring a stadium worthy chorus, fuzzy guitar riffs, and animated bass, Micky James music “Shiver” provides an important message in a catchy rock package.

The songwriter, singer and acclaimed musician takes influence from Brit rock greats including David Bowie, The Clash and The Rolling Stones. His music channels this same energy but with a sleek modern production palpable to commercial alt rock radio. He recently unveiled a live show at the MET in Philadelphia concert video and EP, where he played during the height of the pandemic to an empty venue highlighting the impact COVID has had on the music industry. Micky James is an artist to watch and one on the rise.

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