Ali Coyle Releases Debut EP “Songs For My Therapist”

Santa Ana California based multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Ali Coyle crafts authentic music fusing a myriad of genres. Her debut EP is entitled Songs For My Therapist and consists of six breathtaking songs all about loss, healing and love.

The opening track “Trust Me” lulls with floating angelic vocals, promising and uplifting lyrics and gorgeous instrumentation. While “On My Way Again” evokes more Americana and rock influence with thumping bass, twangy guitars and layered moody vocals. On “On My Way Again” the artist explores an “existential crisis” she had and how she became more self aware and stronger as a result of this. “Clear Water” on the other hand is all about how nature can be healing. Using loop pedals and unique instrumentation, Ali Coyle created an evocative musical journey.

“Songs For My Therapist” is a promising and bold debut. Take a listen to “Songs For My Therapist” now and enjoy your summer day.

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