DanteWuzHere comes from Atlanta with new single “It’s Over (Goodbye)”

Atlanta R&B artist DanteWuzHere’s latest single has arrived titled “It’s Over (Goodbye).” The single is an emotional ballad, written by Merecco Turner and DanteWuzHere, with production handled by Billionaire Focus Group. There’s nothing new about a break-up song, but this one is special. A good one can dredge up painful memories and take you to a place you secretly hoped to never revisit.

Some empower and provide you with just enough fuel to continue to drive on, and others take you on a rollercoaster ride that will have you anticipating the highs and dreading the lows but, appreciative of the ride and saying, “It’s Over” at the end.

If one had to place this DanteWuzHere in a box, musically, you couldn’t because he’s an experience. If folk, Pop and Soul music were headed to an alternative concert and stopped to pick up Lenny Kravitz, Seal and Kurt Cobain along the way — DanteWuzHere would be their Uber driver.

So get familiar and stream “It’s Over (Goodbye)” below.

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