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From ODESZA’s Foreign Family label, NASAYA & MARO link up on electro-fusion track ‘TEMPO’

Upon learning that NASAYA, one half of the team behind single ‘TEMPO’, was raised on Réunion Island, we had to do some internet searching and what we found was a tiny French island off the coast of Madagascar that is simply divine. It’s officially on our bucket list of places to visit when the pandemic is long gone! As such, NASAYA cites the natural beauty and eclectic culture as an inspiration to his music and so with the additional talents of Portuguese polymath MARO to hand, ‘TEMPO’ came to life.

As far as we can tell, the internet also played a part on connecting NASAYA (now based in Los Angeles) and MARO (based in Portugal), which further adds to that sense of globalism that pervades every pore of this intuitive electro-fusion track. A decade or so ago, we would have called this “world music”, but as our planet becomes every inter-woven, this is what we today simply call music. There’s a lively joyfulness to ‘TEMPO’, yet a MARO’s vocals are tranquil and hypnotic. With each listen we notice something new.

“I’ve wanted to write a song that feels like TEMPO for a long time. Writing this was such a fun process as it’s a bit of a collage from parts of other songs we wrote and it came together super quickly.” – NASAYA

“TEMPO is a good first glimpse to the world NASAYA and I are starting to create. It regards time and its spiral sensation, which we then print by doing a play with words on a repetitive, nostalgic beat.” – MARO

Inked to ODESZA’s record label Foreign Family, ‘TEMPO’ is a truly unique listen.



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