Catbells Releases Beautiful and Painful Debut EP “Wilderness”

Alt-pop and shoegaze artist Catbells just released her debut three track EP entitled “Wilderness.” The collection of poignant songs outpours with waves of love, loneliness, grief and letting go, to form a beautiful creation dedicated to the downpour of feelings associated with heartbreak.

Of the five stages of grief, Catbells takes us on a journey through denial, bargaining and depression. As a New England native, she draws on natural landscapes and earthy elements to add a layer of symbolism to her songs. The EP feels unobtrusive, raw, and tenderly orchestrated, deeply connecting with the listener so that they feel the weight of every emotion.

In “Wilderness”, Catbells sings thoughtful lyrics with her deliciously moody vocals over folk laced acoustic guitars. While “Fade” glides the listener through the sadness and grief stage of loss.  With dreamlike melodies and hazy soundscapes. “I Wish” is the bargaining effort. The song is about wanting to go back in time, wishing for do-over in the relationship, and regretting the actions that led to the unraveling of the love in the first place.  The track is filled with tender vocals over a nostalgic melody, and you can’t help but want to reach out and touch the artist’s pain.

Catbells is an artist from the East Coast who creates thoughtful, poetic songs about love and loss. She is deeply inspired by nature and animals from her childhood, as well as children’s stories from the past. Take a listen to her impressive debut EP below. 

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