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Norwich based rapper COLL drops new rap bop ‘Who’s That

Zimbabwe-born and Norwich-raised rap artist COLL returns with his latest fun and refreshing rap single, ‘Who’s That’, accompanied by a hilarious and unexpected music video you won’t want to miss! A rare breath of fresh air in the hip-hop and rap industry, COLL’s music has always been about spreading positivity, encouraging hard work, and giving back, so much so that the young emcee even started his own label, True Music Records in order to platform young, local artists and offer them a valuable opportunity. A true good Samaritan, COLL shows off his more boastful side in ‘Who’s That’, offering a unique new perspective on the young rapper that remains fun and lighthearted. 

Speaking on the release, COLL explains: “When I made Who’s that I wanted to make sure you could feel the energy that I had in the studio. It’s about not caring about people’s opinions of you and owning who you are to the max, because life’s too short. Express yourself. It’s produced by Blanq Beats who’s from Russia and I think it turned out well for our first time collaborating.”

Cool, comedic and catchy, ‘Who’s That’ sees COLL deliver braggadocious bars, earworm verses and an incredibly catchy chorus over a vibrant and electric Blanq Beatz production. Genuine and authentic, COLL is an artist who lives and wholeheartedly embodies the songs he writes, allowing him to connect with fans on a whole new level.


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