Bash Brothers (Mallz, Precyce Politix & Sharp Cuts) – Bloodsport Champions | Album @mallz @precyce @SharpMC919

Coming off the success of their chart topping single, “Bare Knuckle Brawler” and their follow up single, “Kumite/Olympian Levels”, Bash Brothers, a super group consisting of soloists, Mallz, Precyce Politix, and emcee/producer Sharp Cuts have released their album, “Bloodsport Champions”.

Capturing the excitement of 80s and 90s professional wrestling, Bash Brothers delivers an album that balances substantial lyrics and soulful production with fun and imagination; all while keeping your heads nodding and faces scrunched. With tracks ranging from the introspective, “Bash Brothers 2099”, which serves as a letter from the future to their younger selves, to the high-energy crowd pleaser, “Macaroni Sippin”, the three emcees are about more than just bully bars and elbows from the top rope.

“Bloodsport Champions” is available now on all streaming platforms and can also be downloaded via Bandcamp below.

Bloodsport Champions by Bash Brothers

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