Loren Allred releases powerful single “Perfect”

Multi-platinum singer-songwriter Loren Allred returns with a heartfelt new single all about self-love, acceptance and embracing one’s own faults. Imperfections are ok sometimes and Loren Allred reminds listeners that self esteem and happiness are found inward. She confides, “The song was inspired by my experiences trying to please everyone, and realizing that in the process of trying to achieve the moving target of perfection, that I’d lost myself. Reaching the place of knowing that you should only compare yourself to who you were yesterday is so liberating. I’m happy to be imperfectly ‘Perfect’! “

Featuring breathtakingly rich vocals over eclectic synths and a soaring attention-grabbing chorus, “Perfect” is the ultimate “take me as I am anthem”.  Allred has an uncanny ability to sing various genres, touching the souls and hearts of listeners across the globe.  The singer is best known for her hit performance of “Never Enough” from the Oscar-nominated film The Greatest Showman. In “Perfect”, Allred melds a variety of genres including soul, pop and indietronica for a gripping and timeless song.  

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