MIC Johnson Jr. – The Growth Spurt | Album @juggamc @hcmisthegang

MIC Johnson Jr. finally drops his long awaited debut, The Growth Spurt.

The album featuring the singles “The Headnodder” & “Get Wit Me”, is a tale of struggle, progress and maturity showcasing his lyrical prowess along the way.
“The Growth Spurt” has been years in the making and it shows brilliantly in the amount of quality in it’s dense/boom-bap production and thought provoking lyrics.

Check out the Rochester, NY born and bred battle emcee’s debut “Growth Spurt” featuring special guests Chris Rivers, DV Alias Khryst, Rockness Monsta, INF!, Shée Blue, Vic Grimes and more via the official High Caliber Music website THISISHCM.COM (CD + Digital Download) and all streaming platforms.

The Growth Spurt by MIC Johnson Jr.

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