Kudasaibeats releases moody new album Silver Lining

Kudasaibeats has been making a breakout in the chillwave and lofi music scene lately, and respectfully so. With hundreds of millions of combined views and streams, the talented vocalist and producer has a way of blending unique sounds that feels elegant, refined and deeply personal to both the artist and the listener. His music is often described as a “perfect soundtrack for introspective evenings, late night drives and contemplative moods.”

His latest album Silver Lining is a storybook that reflects on the important memories, emotions and events that have taken place throughout the artist’s life. According to Kudasaibeats, he found the inspiration that  “every cloud has a silver lining” and many of his songs reflect on painful experiences and the process of finding hope and strength in times of struggle. Seeking inspiration, mastering self-reflection, and the truth found in ancient wisdom are themes that stick out from the album. The overall listening experience is sometimes dark, but always pleasant, making it an easy listening experience that will leave you off better than it found you. 

Check out Kudasaibeat’s new album Silver Lining for an atmospheric trip with the perfect amount of chillhop sensibility.

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