Kaze Jones & Joy Ruckus Club Presents: “Chylln” feat Kevin Kloud & Vici.PR | Single @kaze_jones & @joyruckusclub @kevinthekloud @ItsViciMusic

Los Angeles-based rapper, activist and educator Kaze Jones is back with new music with the first single “Chylln” off his forthcoming album, The Alumni. But in characteristic Kaze Jones’ style, this isn’t just music…it’s a part of a movement. Joining forces with Joy Ruckus Club, the largest Asian music festival in the world and “a revolution in pan-Asian music…a society of woke Asians who are in solidarity with all truthfully progressive movements of the oppressed and conquered.” Kaze Jones brings his unique sound and perspective to the revolution of the humanitarian-oriented, virtual concert series, founded by Asian Americans, and led by artists of Asian descent from all over the world.

Kaze teams up with New Jersey-born/LA-based Kevin Kloud and arist Vici on “Chylln.” Kloud blends emotional vocal melodies over this hypnotic track, complemented by Vici who leaves his RnB-toned stamp all over the single. Kaze Jones, like the verteran rapper he is, ties the whole arrangement together with his raw, emotive lyrics laid over the bass-heavy cords from Philadelphia producer Ionika.

“Chylln” is just the first taste of The Alumni, a well-rounded album featuring both up-and-coming and established Asian American artists from around the country. This isn’t just the first single, it’s the beginning of The Alumni movement brought by Kaze Jones and Joy Ruckus Club.

Check out the track below.


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