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Let Safiyyah in to your chilled R&B playlists

Today, we’re gassed to be introducing the 23-year-old singer-songwriter Safiyyah with her sophisticated and sultry new single ‘Let You In’. Hailing from West London, of Portuguese and Moroccan heritage, this emerging artist draws on themes of nostalgia, culture, relationships and independence that hold true to her own life. Just like in single, Safiyyah throws off expectations and shares how more often than not, she’s hiding her real emotions, keeping them back for only those that deserve it. Stylistically, the UK newcomer opts for a more minimalistic approach on ‘Let You In’ with bossa nova beats and soft R&B vocals, that exudes a quiet confidence.

“It’s more of a personal song to myself, it’s about my characteristics. Being introverted but selectively extroverted, letting someone into my world, leaving motives way too soon. A song where people can relate to being a bit reserved but around the right people they come alive.”


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