Star2 Drops Honest and Emotional “I Wanna Get F’d Up” featuring Luh Kel

San Diego based hip hop artist Star2 just released a new single and visuals for “I Wanna Get F’d Up” featuring St. Louis rapper Luh Kel. When you’re in the midst of a difficult breakup, sometimes you just need the right music to vibe to, a song you can really resonate with, and Star2’s new single delivers the perfect anthem for a broken heart. 

Love, loss, pain, torment. Most of us have been there before and it isn’t easy to get over an ex who did you wrong.  In “I Wanna Get F’d Up” Star2 expresses his feelings about his toxic love scenario honestly and authentically, creating an open connection for others who are experiencing a similar, disheartening situation. Star2 confides, “I wanted to write a song with the backstory of the best relationship of your life that blows up out of nowhere leaving you wondering what happened- leaving you in pain and wanting to self-medicate. It was a dream come true to do a song with Luh Kel, my dude. Our song is the diary of a toxic relationship with a toxic shawty you loved heart and soul who cheated. Even though it’s hard because you really love that one person – there is at least one time for everyone when after a breakup you just want to be gone – gone from the universe.” The overall vibe of the song is moody and sad, with masterful, multifaceted production and expressive vocals that keep you deep in your feelings from start to finish. The video takes you out of this world and through a cinematic journey through Star2’s memories and imagination as he chooses to let go of the thing that was hurting him the most. 

Check out Star2 ft. Luh Kel “I Wanna Get F’d Up” here and remember to leave the bad ones behind.

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