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TheOfficialBron Announces That He’s Been Working on a New Album Titled, ‘To Whom It May Concern’

Rising artist, TheOfficialBron, has been busy in the lab working on some hits that are said to be on his next project. 

The title of the forthcoming album is, To Whom It May Concern. There are rumors that there will be a few notable surprise features on the album as well.

TheOfficialBron has not released an official release date as of yet, but is as anxious as his fans to drop new music since his last release in December of 2020.  

He has taken a different approach with this project. His last album, The Come Up, had songs from a variety of different genres, as this album focuses on more Hip-Hop. 

Keep up with TheOfficialBron on social media and stay tuned for plenty of new music from the artist on the way.

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