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Music: SNF Smoove – “Hit My Line” 

SNF Smoove should be on everyone’s radar! The consistent artist first experienced success with his debut mixtape titled, SplashGod, hosted by DJ Lazy K; following that he went on to release an EP titled, 5 Reasons, in 2019, with the lead single, “Rns,” co-signed by 50 Cent, and Funk Flex. 

SNF Smoove recently unveiled his EP, Quarantine Vibez, which of course gained a lot of traction during the pandemic. In addition, SNF Smoove’s music has also been featured on radio stations from, Hot 93.7 to Hot 107.9 ATL.

Fans and supporters can be seen on Smoove’s Instagram engaging with every post and expressing their anticipation for future music releases. His following has increased dramatically sending shockwaves through the music industry with his cutting edge sound. Very smooth, unique, energetic and melodic. Utilizing his distinctive voice and style continuing to show versatility in many forms.

Be prepared for DJ Drewski’s music review of Smoove’s new project coming this month! 

Go and stream SNF Smoove’s latest release “Hit My Line.” 

Follow Smoove on Instagram to get better acquainted with his artistry.



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