Glassio releases 80’s inspired ‘If Love Is All It Takes’

Charismatic indie pop meets electro singer/songwriter Glassio has just released his latest 80’s inspired single. Entitled ‘If Love Is All It Takes’, the synth-drenched tune features light hearted and breezy melodies over quirky electronic beats and vibrant cinematic landscapes. Glassio is known to craft irresistible left of center pop songs that ooze vulnerability. ‘If Love Is All It Takes’ is no exemption, with the song written as an anthem of hope to those suffering burnout.

‘If Love Is All It Takes’ is off of his upcoming full-length out next year. The album is his sophomore effort and promises to include more songs that highlight Glassio’s unique fusion of sound, taking elements of French electronic, soulful indie pop and even dashes of country and trip hop.


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