Oakland Artist Paidro Classic Drops “Drip Check” (Official Music Video) | @PaidroClassic__

One thing we know about the Bay Area is that the entire region breeds hustlers, from the music scene to the tech industry, The Bay is always one step ahead. 
Oakland entrepreneur Paidro Classic does a little bit of everything but his main focus has been designing clothes for his clothing line PURE and his true love of music. Combining both of those passions on his new single “Drip Check,” Paidro Classic drops a new anthem flexing his one-of-a-kind fashion sense and perfect in-pocket flow. Shot by AdamKG, “Drip Check” plays out like a live photoshoot with Paidro Classic wearing mostly his own designs and also introducing his latest clothing line IsolatedThreads. “Drip Check” is an instant banger, with one listen the hook will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Getting his start writing poetry Paidro has developed and grown as an artist over the years now leading the pack as one of the top designers in The Bay Area and also making a name for himself as a rapper as well. 
Be sure to tap in with Paidro Classic on Twitter and Instagram for updates on his new music and clothing line. 
Watch “Drip Check” by Paidro Classic on YouTube and be sure to subscribe to his channel as well! 
Check out Paidro Classic’s clothing line PUREhttps://perfectionunderrareevoulution.com/

Paidro Classic – Drip Check (Official Music Video)

Apple Musichttps://music.apple.com/us/album/drip-check/1585125040?i=1585125041


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