Zoe Berman impresses with EP ‘Freezing Heat’

Singer-songwriter and pianist extraordinaire Zoe Berman has just released her latest seven track EP and it is a bewitching musical experience. Called Freezing Heat, the EP is full of relatable narratives including finding solace in the natural world, love of place and time as well as navigating heartbreak.

The EP opens strong with the whimsical “Lilac Hour”, taking the listener directly to that special time of the day, the golden hour. With “Manuka Honey”, Berman shows her romantic side complete with swelling strings, stirring piano chords and enticing vocals full of passion. The most poignant track on the EP is “Luna Lune”, a song that was inspired by Berman’s friend who went through a breakup from a long distance relationship. The moon represented their love and when the love was gone, the moon wasn’t the same, evoking a sense of pain and longing.

Zoe Berman takes nostalgic influences and infuses them with a unique palette of experimental sounds.  In Freezing Heat, the listener can hear hints of Jazz, folk, Americana, pop and even soul. The EP is a perfect warm blanket for a cold winter day. 

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