ANTIBOY Releases Stunning Teaser for New Single “Insanity”

Visionary gender-fluid artist and creative Harry Hains would have been 29 years old this past weekend. Through his artist name, ANTIBOY, Harry shares a vision for our world where everyone can be exactly who they are, free of labels, and continues to inspire people with the help of his family, friends, and fans. In January, a new ANTIBOY song “Insanity” will be released, produced by Fernando Garibay (Lady Gaga, will.i.am, Sia) with a gripping music video that is sure to have you in your feels. Check out the sneak peek on ANTIBOY’s Instagram that was shared on Harry’s birthday below. “Insanity” explores the conflict that can exist within one’s inner and outer worlds when struggling with mental health issues, something many relate to.

Last year on Harry’s birthday, ANTIBOY’s album A Glitch In Paradise  was released posthumously, alongside a series of mesmerizing visuals that featured animation Harry’s brother  Sam Hains, who helped bring Harry’s artistic vision to life through ANTIBOY. Harry’s artist persona ANTIBOY is a genderless trans-human free of labels, prejudices and social constructs, offering hope for what our future could look like as current cultural conversations swirl around identity, gender, race, and equality. The music video for “Dream,” a song off ANTIBOY’s latest album, illustrated this vision with a celebration of differences starring transgender model/activist Andreja Pejić and directed by Charlie Chops. Check out previous singles “Paradise,” “Bang Bang,” and “Good Enough” below. Through his new music, it is clear that through ANTIBOY, Harry’s vision will live on and continue to impact how we look at gender, labels, and mental illness.


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