Learn more about Virginia icon Bobby Blaze

Hampton, Virginia representative and cannabis company owner Bobby Blaze has been going hard for over a decade solidifying his name in the rap game. He’s collaborated with some of the greats and opened up for major acts such as Migos, Rico Nasty, Chief Keef and more. He is a rapper staying true to himself and never forgetting where he came from. When he releases new music, you can always expect him to share lyrics that are relevant to the times all while displaying his cleverness and witty rhymes. When it comes to Bobby Blaze’s appearance he is iconic with his golden beard, bold outfits and mysterious persona. Everything about Bobby is rare!

Bobby Blaze has a lot of music and a lot of highs when it comes to his popular music career. In 2021, he released his project Highs and Lows and now he’s ready to make 2022 a life changing year. Be on the lookout for new music on the way and don’t forget to check out Za Lord Exotics on Instagram!


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