Dr. Dre, Andre 3000 Digital Art NFT’s + Metaverse Record Label

Loud Crypto Records is set to launch their NFT project and crypto record label as the Metaverse continues to expand.

The 10K NFT project pays homage to 30 Hip Hop greats such as multi-platinum West Coast Dr. Dre, Illmatic lyricist Nas, among countless other legendary artists who are featured in high-quality, detailed, artistic digital portraits.

Loud Crypto Records plans to break ground with their NFT by utilizing the profits of the NFT’s sold to finance the first rap music label of the Metaverse.

The label will also double as a foundation and will offer generous contracts, empowering them to reach financial independence.

NFT holders will also serve as A&R executives for Loud Crypto Records and vote for artists the label will sign and develop. They will get tons of tangible benefits as NFT owners such as concert tickets, merch, NFT singles pre-releases and more.

Tap in and join Loud Crypto Records on Discord here.

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