An Interview With: Arula

Saint Audio

Following the release of her tantric-pop single “Break The Spell,” we caught up with multi-disciplinary San Francisco artist Arula about her creative passions and the message behind her music.

Hi Arula, thanks for taking the time to connect with us. What’s something you wish more people knew about your work as an artist?

I have been on a journey of learning music production, and currently, I produce some of my own music and the music of others. For many years I was mostly a singer/songwriter, but after learning Ableton Live I really enjoy getting into the more detail-oriented work it takes to produce a track. I also love teaching the basics of music production to women and I offer courses and retreats that create safe spaces for others to learn and create.

You had an exciting 2021, with the release of two singles and music videos. What was the process…

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