The Dionysus Effect releases debut single “Stars”

Novel rock trio The Dionysus Effect just released their debut single “Stars.” The crew, composed of Christoph Paul on vocals and bass, Sean Quinn Hanley on guitar, and Brett Petersen on drums, is “driven to lead a rock revival and bring pop music lovers back to rock.”

Refreshing, energetic, and infused with a wave of 90s and early 2000s pop rock nostalgia, “Stars”  transports the listener to another place and time, a place where the past and present intersect for an experience unlike no other. The band further confides, “‘Stars’ is a bitter-sweet alt-rock song about love and loss. When you look up toward the stars with faith that you’ll be with your soul mate and stay with them even when they are gone.” Passionate, heartfelt, but with that true rock and roll edge, this is an exciting debut for the band and we can’t wait to hear what’s next in line.

The Dionysus Effect’s music explores themes of love, addiction, passion, and the complexities found in loss and hardship. As Christoph and Brett both being professional authors, they are now using their music as another medium to further convey the message, “to truly live and enjoy the highs and find purpose and resilience with the lows.”


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