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Premiere: Dus10 MZK shows off his creative lyricism on “22 Two’s X 2”

One thing you always want to see from an artist as you become a fan is growth. Oftentimes for a listener, someone’s sound and subject matter can become mundane, leaving you wanting more. It’s important to keep things interesting and show your talent in multiple ways and all the greats have mastered this skill.

As Moss Point, Mississippi’s Dus10 MZK continues into year two of his journey as an MC he shows his range on a new track. Titled “22 Two’s X 2”, it showcases the ever cool persona of Dus10 in a form that’s more of a lyrical exercise. He takes a concept done by legends like Jay-Z and puts his unique flair on it. “I just really dug in and noticed no one raised the bar on a dope concept. The numbers lined up so I was like, shitttt why not do it to commemorate my 2nd year of rapping. The only thing I felt I forgot was to make the song 2:22 minutes long but I thought about it after I already sent it to the distributor. “

Helping to present his picture is producer Soy Is Real, who provides Dus10 with a soul sample-driven backdrop to get his bars off. The record comes on the heel of releases like his October 2021 debut mixtape “Invasions” and “Year One” visual. Check it out and follow him as he continues his ascent.

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/22-twos-x-2/1609714269?i=1609714270&ls


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