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UK hip-hop collective OSP ruminate on struggle in ‘Breathe’

Today, we’re amped to introduce you to OSP, the Reading (UK) based collective whose full name, Only Speak Positive, is a reflection of their purpose. Comprised of Esa Kwame (rapper, beat maker), J Blackz (rapper, singer-songwriter, beat maker), Silqe (rapper, beat maker), and Subject (producer, engineer), this four-piece has sought to spread messages of positivity, tolerance and respect since they started out in 2014. Like many of us, the group took a short hiatus over recent years, but they came back together in Summer 2021 with a renewed passion.

‘Breathe’ is their newest release and its one that OSP describe “addressing the struggle of navigating life in an ever-changing environment.” Rooted in classic hip-hop and completed with a contemporary production, the flows of the three rappers interweave seamlessly while they express a fight for liberty and predominantly a concern for younger people who are struggling against UK’s systematic oppression of Black communities. OSP deliver some serious food for thought.

Over the next few months, OSP will be sharing even more bites of wisdom trough their dynamic and exciting tracks.



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