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An exploration of alt RnB and electronic Future Soul, Jozem returns with the captivating ‘Goderich’

With eclectic tastes and influences stemming from his colourful upbringing, Toronto-based artist (via Kenya and Rwanda), Jozem experiments with various elements to create a unique sound that is melded with allusive and personal lyrics. Now after a short hiatus Jozem returns to share his art with the world, introducing the intimate and evocative ‘Goderich’.

Dusted with Lo-fi, hazey and sparse electronics the production immediately shines through in ‘Goderich’ creating a vast and glistening soundscape of gorgeous tones, light in nature but layered with depth and mysticism. 

A simple chord structure paves the way in order to be drenched with smooth, silky harmonies which carefully carry the listener along as the tune progresses. An intimate insight into a usually hidden, unspoken, yet inevitable part of the artistic journey. Jozem delivers an insider’s understanding with such sophistication and artisanship. 

‘Goderich’ is one you have to really sit and listen to in order to benefit from the experience and truths embedded within its core. Now with sophomore project, it came to me in a dream, on the horizon, Jozem hopes to extend fans a further glimpse into his world with the release of ‘Goderich’. 

 “I was doing a rotation as a medical resident in Goderich, Ontario in the middle of winter and brought a bunch of my music gear as I was hoping the solitude and time away from the bustle in Toronto would allow me to reconnect with my creativity. At the time I felt I was in a prolonged period of creative block and had almost gotten in a bit of panic about it thinking I may have lost my touch and perhaps lost the love for making music. I struggled for weeks to reconnect with that side of me, but nothing came. I started going on winter strolls and in those moments of introspection, learned to be ok with having these moments of lacking creativity- we are so often conditioned that we constantly have to be producing, that time is of the essence, that as artists our success is tied to our youth/youthfulness, so we need to be producing as much while we can- but I have been learning not to take heed of those voices and to truly listen to myself. Once I felt I let go of that pressure I had been putting on myself, this song came to me, the melody, lyrics and production all came flowing to me…


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