Joey Harkum shares emotive single “Sick and Tired”

Folk meets Americana artist Joey Harkum has an uncanny ability to share relatable stories through his immersive lyrics. The singer/songwriter returns with the poignant track “Sick and Tired”. The folk tune is all about “being engulfed in drug culture and coming to the realization that you no longer can/want to continue being a part of the lifestyle. Ultimately pursuing music led me to focus on something positive rather than falling victim to drug addiction like a lot of my close friends and family at the time,” he confides. With poetic lyrics all about struggle and defiance, “Sick and Tired” is an anthem for anyone trying to do better in their life.

Joey Harkum is known for his dynamic live performances where he has cultivated a dedicated fanbase. “Sick and Tired” is off of his full length album that is set for release later this Spring.


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