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‘Get Smoked’ is the uncompromising dark hip-hop track from Riiiiko, feat producers Kriracha & B-Element

Brand new on our radar is Riiiiko, the Saudi Arabian who has been diligently crafting his dark hip-hop sound over the years. He’s even headed over to the States to work with Gold Link, but now the plan is to work with the varied local scene as you’ll find with new single ‘Get Smoked’. Like Riiiiko shares below, he worked with producers Kriracha and B-Element on the uncompromising, hard-hitting rap number which delves into all the mishaps of the artist’s own self-described reckless behaviour.

“Kriracha started with a track trying to encapsulate the Memphis hip hop sound so he started with the sample then added the hard drums and 808’s after that I heard the beat and started writing right away. Kriracha sent the stems to B-Element and he helped organise, co-produce and record and mix the whole track.”

‘Kriracha’ isn’t for the faint of heart and his full EP, Dark Winter, is only for those who dare to go deeper.



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