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New Release: Rosso Beats x Shogun – “Not My Fault”

Rosso Beats is a 20-year-old fast-rising recording artist set to take 2022 by storm and just activated his first single of the year. The Sydney native’s ascend to the throne with a crafty new collaboration alongside longtime partner and U.K. great Shogun, titled “Not My Fault.” For Rosso, the new single showcases his take on hip-hop and rap. It’s the perfect origin point for newfound fans as Rosso charts new territories.

Similar to a Night Lovell, Suicide boys, and Pouya, “Not My Fault” displays embraces a dark trap sound, something falling into the rhythm. The song not only symbolizes this solo musician’s path he’s currently on but the inclining trajectory he’s set out to achieve throughout the year. In 2022, Rosso Beats is anticipated to turn the bedroom-producer-now-in-demand tastemaker into one of the year’s biggest names in today’s music.

“Not My Fault” is an appetizer for Rosso Beats’s forthcoming project, expected this year as a self-release. Rosso and Shogun’s latest collaboration builds on the well-documented history between the duo that has given us past hits and anticipation for future hits on the way. Until the album release, “Not My Fault” is available everywhere via RBE. Now, is the perfect time to get familiar with everything Rosso Beats and Shogun.

Check out the new single below and follow the duo on social media for daily updates and more.


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