Elliot Lee doesn’t put up with the “Mess Boy”

Thrilling electro pop artist Elliot Lee writes important releases with stories that need to be told. In their latest single “Mess Boy”, the songwriter explores being betrayed by someone they trusted. The artist confides the song “is about standing up and saying “you really messed me up, and I’m not going to stay quiet about it anymore” to all of the men in my life who hurt me even though I trusted them not to. It’s as much a promise to myself as it is a warning that I’m not gonna let it happen again.”

With an explosive fast paced verse over haunting synths that culminate into a chorus that the listener can’t get out of their head, Elliot once again crafts an invigorating musical journey highlighting an important message. That message is to stand up for yourself and know your worth, and to not take any abuse! “Mess Boy” follows “Airplanes” and “Pink (Freak) Remix” released earlier this year. Elliot is a promising artist on the rise and we can’t wait to hear what is next.


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