Elyse Jewel releases colorful pop anthem “TBH IDK”

Indie pop singer songwriter Elyse Jewel just released her new single “TBH IDK”. The Gen Z pop anthem details moving on after being ghosted by her crush via text message. The relatable song is filled with catchy lyricism, vibrant vocals, and pop sensibility that makes for a fun and clever break-up anthem. Elyse confides,  “The chorus and the title of the song were inspired by his response when I asked what our relationship was to him. He actually said “tbh idk”, and ghosted me.” At just 17 years old, Jewel is showcasing a knack for songwriting and confidence to match. Most recently, her song “Thinking About You” was awarded by the John Lennon songwriting contest and this young talent is just getting started. 

Take a listen to Elyse Jewel’s new single “TBH IDK” and follow her socials!

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