AVIV shares new single “Drowning in the Culture”

Teen left of center pop singer/songwriter AVIV has just unveiled her eight track album Drowning in the Culture. The highlighted single of the same name thematically focuses on the loneliness that can come from being a well known performing artist. From empty hotel rooms, red eye plane rides and having a hard time keeping close friendships while pursuing a career in the limelight, AVIV brilliantly confides the hardships of a teen star on the rise. Sonically, “Drowning in the Culture” impresses with jazz-dipped basslines, moody guitar riffs and AVIV’s signature sweet soaring vocals.

AVIV is a prolific songwriter at the young age of 16. Inspired by the likes of Lorde, Fleetwood Mac and Lana Del Rey, the artist already has a label deal with the prestigious Photo Finish Records. AVIV is currently on tour with Imagine Dragons in Canada and we hope to see her live in the States soon.


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