Cody Jasper shares seductive new track “Disco Lemonade”

Texas based rock n’ roll singer/songwriter/musician Cody Jasper has just shared his latest single. Called “Disco Lemonade”, the song begins with a thumping and deep bassline under Jasper’s husky sexy vocals that soon culminate into a groovy psychedelic funk rock chorus. He confides, “It’s a song I made out of pure fun. I was done trying to make a “hit”. I wanted to return to what I loved most about records. And that is when a great engineer captures a group of musicians in a room all playing together, in sync with each other just riding a wave of infectious groove.”

Cody Jasper is known for his wildly intriguing mix of blues, rock and soul. A prolific songwriter, the artist has written not only for his own solo project but also for the popular band Moon Fever. With more music on the horizon, Cody Jasper can’t wait to give fans more tunes to make them smile, sing and dance!


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