Banks 1433 drops all new trap single “Lane Switch”

Los Angeles based emerging rapper Banks 1433 just released his new single “Lane Switch”. The artist, who began his career as an architect and then switched to music, created a song all about using core skills to excel in multiple disciplines, especially in the wake of change.

The trap infused song is simple and direct, with an important message about hustle. Banks 1433 confides, “I say ‘TRAP’ a lot because Trap is another way of saying getting money, trap star, trap madness….gotta wake up and get money, then you can do everything after.” His lyric states, “never got used to being average.” At a crucial point in history, this wisdom is useful and refreshing, as we always need to be able to pivot in the blink of an eye to stay ahead of the game. 

As a Baltimore native, Banks 1433 has been exposed to many different sounds, sights and influences since he was a young child. Now in Los Angeles, he began making music professionally two years ago and has not stopped spreading his message since. He reveals, “I just like building things, so I use music to send messages as a way to get my meaning out there, it’s like a social justice movement.”  

Check out Banks 1433’s new single “Lane Switch” Here


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