T.R.3 – I Know | Video @TR3World

After releasing his first full length album Triangles with producer Ariano back in 2021, Atlanta-based artist T.R.3 returns to the musical landscape with a powerful song and video for his latest single “I Know.” Tapping into his own style of elevated lyricism, T.R.3 dives into the complications and depths of interpersonal relationships, peeling back the endless layers that form the human connection. “I Know” reflects on the joys and sorrows of past love while loving yourself in the process of letting go of what used to be. The video for “I Know” is proof of T.R.3’s multifaceted artistic talents. He shot the video himself, creating something akin to a moving painting, leaving you to revel in what’s been lost and what is left. This is the first installment of new material from T.R.3 as he and Ariano prepare for incredible year of new music.

Watch the video and stream the song below.


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