Tessa Kaye releases “Girl, I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend”

Indie pop meets R&B electronic soul artist Tessa Kaye has shared her latest effervescent new single. Called “Girl, I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend”, the romantic song is all about “the sheer excitement that comes with feeling free, open, being true to myself and falling in love,” she confides. The track is also an ode to coming out as Tessa Kaye recently became open about her sexuality as a queer woman. The track features soulful vocals full of passion, garage guitar riffs and bright beats for a laid-back breezy indie pop affair.

“Girl, I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” follows the songwriter’s recently released single “Sunshine & Rainbows” which profiled the dangers of toxic positivity. The now Los Angeles based singer has a knack for songwriting and we can’t wait to hear what is next.


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