Caitlynne Curtis shares rock-drenched single “Mood Swings”

Nashville based singer/songwriter Caitlynne Curtis is a unique voice on the rise. Her new single “Mood Swings” fuses rock, pop and country-dipped vocals for an alluring sonic ear worm. With “Mood Swings” Caitlynne drew inspiration from a couple who are using drugs and alcohol to cope and the perils that ensue with their bad decision making. She confides that the “song also can be a metaphor for life as a relationship and the chaos that comes from the ups and downs we all face.” The single features bright guitar riffs under Curtis’ soulful southern rock vocals full of emotion and heart.

Caitlynne Curtis started her musical journey early at the tiny age of 3. As a teen she made it to the X Factor wowing audiences around the globe. Years later she ended up meeting Struggle Jennings and has since signed with Nashville’s popular label Angels & Outlaws. “Mood Swings” is the second single of the year from this exciting new artist with more music promised.

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