The MDz comes from LA with his single “Johnny Cage”

Los Angeles based hip hop artist The MDz drops his new single entitled “Johnny Cage”. The track features iconic Jamaican artist Rudolph Francis, bringing two generations together with rapid lyrical content, reggae vocals, trap bass & futuristic cinematic sounds.

The MDz confides, “Once I realized he was doing classic reggae story telling about a rebel character named Johnny and his reign of terror, a light bulb went off in my head that created the title “Johnny Cage” which is a fighter from the game Mortal Kombat. In my lyrics, I channeled characteristics of Johnny Cage that are similar to me and my own personal experiences. It was an honor to collaborate with the Jamaican icon Rudolph Francis. Through music, we brought two different generations together.”

Inspired by artists such as Twista, Tech N9ne, Depeche Mode, and Bryson Tiller, The MDz shines with his signature versatile style, effortless flow and an eclectic, boundary defying style of production.


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