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imfalls Releases New Single “I Lost Myself”

Emerging artist imfalls, aka 19-year-old Benjamin Sanchez, has released his brand-new single “I Lost Myself” via Wayward Music, alongside a dizzying new music video directed by JakeTheShooter (Trippie Redd, Bia, Nessa Barrett). The new track features imfalls’s unique range of meaningful storytelling combined with dark pop, set to convey Sanchez’s own experience of moving from Phoenix to Los Angeles and the hardships that accompanied that move. In talking about that transition, he shares, “Every day I hear somebody talk about LA being magical or awful, but being 19 and feeling optimistic, I took a chance on the city. Unfortunately, my experience followed both sides of this spectrum with an up and down pattern. Some days being a 10/10, while other days made me question if I had belonged in the city in the first place.”

Accompanying the catchy, beat heavy new single, imfalls’s music video features a shifting camera perspective that zooms in, out and all around, in a narratively strong portrayal of the song’s overarching message. Of the music video, imfalls adds, “This day was one to remember, not only because of the execution of the video itself, but also because I truly felt the manic mindset and brought myself back to the mood when recording this song, making this a surreal experience. The video contains several shots of eerie lighting and flashbacks of when everything felt ‘normal’ in my life. From scene to scene, you can slowly see me get more and more into character, the lights, moods and everything in between perfectly illustrates the theme of losing yourself.”

Check out “I Lost Myself” here:

An early newcomer to creating and producing music, Sanchez started at the age of 15 by scraping together $45 for a microphone that would then allow him to create music that helped to convey the emotions he didn’t know how to express otherwise. During this period of his life, he learned that a strong work ethic and a genuine passion for music could overcome the limited resources that were available for him in his pursuit of his goals. Releasing his first single in 2019, imfalls has since amassed over one million plays just on Spotify alone. Tracks such as “What’s The Point,” “Don’t Go,” and “We Just Started,” provide a telling showing of the talent that imfalls has with mixing genres in order to create his unique sound and voice within the pop scene. Sanchez cites artists like G-Eazy, blackbear, and Sueco as inspiring to push him outside his comfort zone through their authenticity and diversity within their music.

Presenting a darker side to your typical pop tracks, imfalls takes from genres such as pop-punk in order to convey his most authentic and relatable sound to his audience. “Throughout my music journey so far, my sound has changed several times,” imfalls notes. “Through this growth, I really discovered not only my sound but also more about me as a person. My music has helped me stay authentic and understand that it’s okay to be vulnerable. Being that most of my music is about sadness and self-discovery, my fans and I have a true connection. They know my message requests are always open to discuss mental health, which truly keeps me humbled and in tune.”

Follow him on Instagram and TikTok at @imfalls and keep your ears and eyes open for new music from imfalls to follow soon!    

“I Lost Myself” artwork

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