Elizabeth shares lush indie pop single “Happier Now”

Acclaimed Australian singer/songwriter Elizabeth has just shared a new chapter in her musical journey. Entitled “Happier Now”, the single marks the first of three consecutive songs to be released this year.

“Happier Now” is a cinematic indie pop single highlighting Elizabeth’s soul-drenched vocals singing captivating melodies over chilled out beats and bright keys. The song details the first step in moving on from a difficult breakup, Elizabeth confides, “you know, you are getting better, you are healthier, you won’t fall apart if you see your ex at a party. But you also start to have the rose coloured nostalgia for a relationship that was no good and wondering what could have been if you’d been able to make it work.” The accompanied music video was filmed at the beautiful and dramatic beach Boon Wurrung in Australia adding another layer to the beautiful narrative.

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