Summy shares intoxicating new single “I Wish I Never Met You”

Southern California based creator and songwriter Summy has just released her latest dream indie pop single and it is irresistible. Entitled “I Wish I Never Met You”, the track follows “Said It After”, with more music promised from the indie pop riser.

“I Wish I Never Met You” is about healing from a horrible past relationship. Cheating, lying and all the toxic behaviors can lead to pain but Summy channels her past suffering into a soaring indie pop song that is an ultimate healing and cathartic release. “I Wish I Never Met You” highlights Summy’s rising lush vocals over a kaleidoscope of colorful beats and swelling synths.

Summy is a genre-fluid artist taking influence from cherished musicians including Phil Collins, Lady Gaga and Elton John among others. She brilliantly creates her own unique world of escape for her and her fans, celebrating joy and fantasy.


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