The Moss shares breezy rock single “Insomnia”

Four piece The Moss have just unveiled their latest infectious indie rock single “Insomnia”. The track features jangly surf rock guitar riffs, elevated harmonies and punchy bass for a fun-loving listening experience.

“Insomnia” is about being totally consumed by love. The feelings where you have trouble sleeping, eating and your mind is totally on your interest. This feeling is exiting but can also be problematic and The Moss so brilliantly describes this paradox. They further confide, is is a “bittersweet song about passing the point in a relationship where you can’t sleep at night when you are away from them.”

The Moss started releasing their upbeat rock in 2018. Formed in Utah and now based in Hawaii, the band is known for their thrilling live shows. More music is set to come from this young foursome.

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